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Greening Out

Are You Greening Out? Here’s How To Level Out

Have you ever gotten a little too high while using cannabis products?

If so, the good news is that it’s impossible to overdose on these products. You aren’t going to do any irreversible damage to your body or mind by using too much THC at once.

But the bad news is that those who get too high might start to feel sick. This is commonly called greening out, and it is not a pleasant experience at all.

While greening out, you might start to sweat and show signs of dizziness. You might also get very nauseous and possibly even vomit at some point.

You can avoid greening out by trying not to get too high in the first place. But if it happens, there are things you can do to level out and level out quickly.

Learn about these things below and act fast the next time you’re feeling higher than you might like by reading the article below.

Realize You’re Greening Out

Any time you use cannabis products, there is a small chance greening out could take place. If you go just a little too hard while using these products, you might find yourself higher than you would like to be.

You’ll know you’re greening out when you see some of the following signs:

  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Confusion

There is a very fine line between getting high and enjoying it and greening out. You shouldn’t panic too much about greening out at first. But if you get high and don’t feel as good as you normally do, it could indicate that you’re greening out and on the verge of feeling awful.

Stop Using Cannabis Products

If you even suspect you might be greening out, you should stop using cannabis products ASAP. Otherwise, you run the risk of making a bad situation so much worse.

The only surefire fix for greening out is going to be giving yourself time to recover. And you aren’t going to be able to do this if you keep on using cannabis products long after you’ve started greening out.

The sooner you’re able to stop using cannabis products, the sooner you’ll begin to feel better. You aren’t going to be able to recover from greening out in a matter of just minutes. But your body will begin to start working its way back to normal as soon as you stop ingesting cannabis.

Be Aware of Your Breathing

When you’re greening out, you might be tempted to hold your breath or breathe heavier than you usually do in an effort to get relief. But doing these things might complicate your issues and sometimes even worsen them.

Instead of completely changing your breathing patterns, you should focus on taking nice, deep breaths in and out. You should be extra conscious about how you’re breathing and pay close attention to every breath coming in and going out.

If nothing else, this should eventually help you to stop focusing so much on how bad you feel. You might be able to forget you’re greening out for a little bit as you take deep breaths.

Drink Plenty of Cold Water

One of the most annoying parts about greening out will be the dry mouth that comes along with it. You’ll experience an even worse dry mouth than you typically do while using cannabis products.

Drinking water will help to relieve dry mouth to some degree. It’ll reduce the side effects that so often come along with greening out.

Just like with breathing, drinking water will also help you get out of your own head and focus on something else for a little while. You can pay close attention to every sip of water you take and distract yourself from the way you’re feeling.

Try Eating a Lemon

It’s not exactly a secret that those who use cannabis products will often get very hungry when they’re high. THC tends to have this effect on people as it’ll make them feel like they have to eat something right away. Most cannabis users aren’t strangers to the so-called “munchies.”

People don’t usually reach for lemons when they have the munchies, but if you’re ever greening out, maybe you should. There are terpenes in lemons called limonene that are also found in certain cannabis strains. They’ve proven to be effective for those greening out and looking for relief.

Even doing something as simple as smelling a lemon might be able to put your brain back on the right track. It can reduce your high and stop you from feeling so bad.

Sniff a Bottle of Black Pepper

Black pepper is another surprising food product that might come in handy when you’re greening out. There are terpenes in black pepper that researchers believe might also be in some cannabis strains. As a result, simply sniffing black pepper could be the key to kicking a cannabis high.

You might also want to take things a step further and try chewing on some peppercorns. There are some people who will respond to this almost immediately and stop greening out.

Chewing on peppercorns might not taste great in the moment. But when you’re greening out, you’ll be willing to try whatever it takes to feel better. It could be worth taking a chance on black pepper to see how your body and mind respond to it.

Get Some Sleep

One of the only good things about greening out is that it might make you feel very sleepy. If you find yourself dozing off while you’re greening out, you should go with it and try to take a nap to sleep off your high feelings.

The average cannabis high will often only last for 1 to 3 hours. If you can get past the 3-hour mark, you should almost be in the clear and begin to feel so much better than you did before.

You might be able to make it to that point unscathed by sleeping off your cannabis high. When you wake up, it might be all better, and you won’t have to worry about greening out anymore.

Attempt to Distract Yourself

It won’t always be easy to distract your mind when you’re panicking about greening out. But if you’re willing to work at it, you might be able to turn your attention to something else so that you aren’t so focused on the way you feel.

Turning on the TV or engaging in a conversation with others who are using cannabis products with you might be enough to distract you from how you’re feeling. By thinking positive thoughts as opposed to panicked ones, you’ll find that you’ll feel a greater sense of peace.

Steer Clear of Greening Out Next Time

It isn’t all that uncommon for those using cannabis for the first time to green out. New cannabis users don’t always know their limits, and they’ll sometimes overindulge and pay the price for it.

But as you become more experienced with cannabis, you should be able to avoid greening out regularly. You’ll find out what your limits are, and from there, it’ll be up to you to stick to those limits.

It’ll also be up to you to keep tabs on which cannabis products you’re putting into your body and how much THC they contain in them. Use cannabis products that contain more THC than you’re used to with caution.

No matter how hard you work to avoid greening out, it might still happen every now and then. It’s why you need to be familiar with how to level out quickly so that you’re able to get back to feeling like yourself.

But you should be able to stop greening out from happening by being more proactive when you’re using cannabis products. Knowing what your limits are and sticking to them will work wonders for you. It’ll make it possible for you to achieve the perfect high every time you’re putting cannabis products to the test.

Don’t Let Greening Out Keep You Down

If you spend enough time using cannabis products, greening out will come with the territory. It won’t be possible for you to avoid greening out altogether.

But you can combat the way you feel when you green out by using some of the tips found here. Doing something as simple as deep breathing or drinking cold water could leave you feeling good after a bad high.

Using only premium cannabis products from a company like EUREKA Vapor can also help you avoid greening out. Search for “dispensary near me” to track down a dispensary that can sell you top-notch products.

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