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SLID3 Dual Chamber 3gm Cannabis Vape


SLID3: Dual-Flavors in One Rechargeable Disposable 3gm Vape

Packed with not one, but two distinct flavors, the SLID3 delivers a unique vaping experience with every draw. It’s not just about choosing a single flavor anymore; with SLID3’s ingenious design, users can enjoy their favorite strains separately or combine them for a personalized taste sensation.

Dual-Flavor Design:
Two flavors in one pod, each with its own chamber, providing 1500mg of premium-quality solvent-free distillate.

Rechargeable Convenience: Never waste a drop with the rechargeable feature ensuring you enjoy every milligram of the SLID3’s potent oil.

Solvent-Free Distillate: Pure, potent, and cleanly extracted cannabis oil is what EUREKA Vapor stands for. Experience purity with every puff.

Naturally-Derived Fruit Terpenes: Flavors come to life as the SLID3 utilizes naturally-derived fruit terpenes, giving a delicious, true-to-strain taste.




3gm - Dual 1500mg Flavors Switch Between Flavors Or Combine

Can Be Purchased In: Michigan

EUREKA SLID3 3gm Dual Chamber Cannabis Vape

Discover the Revolutionary EUREKA Vapor SLID3

Double the Pleasure, Triple the Grams

Crafted for those who like to mix things up, the EUREKA Vapor SLID3 offers a hefty 3 grams of high-quality distillate, split between two flavor chambers, each containing 1500mg. This design allows users the freedom to switch between flavors as they wish or merge them into one mouth-watering combination, elevating the vape experience to thrilling new heights.

Pure, Potent, and Perfectly Balanced

With a steadfast commitment to quality and purity, EUREKA Vapor ensures that the SLID3 is filled with only the finest solvent-free cannabis distillates. This guarantees a clean hit and a clear high, without any harsh chemicals. The naturally-derived fruit terpenes add another layer to the mix, creating an authentic flavor profile that compliments the potent distillate.

Environmental Sustainability with Every Hit

EUREKA Vapor’s dedication to sustainability is evident in the SLID3. The rechargeable aspect not only offers convenience but also lessens environmental impact, aligning with today’s eco-conscious consumer values. Your Gateway to Flavor Innovation

Embrace the future of vaping with the EUREKA Vapor SLID3. Visit to shop and learn more about how their tech-forward solutions are redefining the cannabis experience. With the EUREKA Vapor SLID3, let your taste buds explore new territories of flavor and potency, and elevate your vape game to an all-new level of excellence.

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