Where Can I Buy Eureka Vapor products?

Eureka products can be found in collectives throughout Southern California. We have provided a friendly Map in our Where To Find Us page for your convenience. If you are a collective that would like to start carrying please send us your contact information through our Contact Us section.

What happens if my pen breaks or my tank doesn’t work?

We back our product 100%. If you have any issues with your pen or tank we will replace your product. please e-mail info@eurekavapor.com if you have a problem so we can alert your dispensary.

Where is your oil made?

Eureka is made in sunny California. Although our process and technique is a coveted secret, our method of extraction is “CO2E “or CO2 Extraction. Keeping a completely sterile environment, using only surgical stainless steel equipment and 100% natural filters is our number one priority and is the difference that sets us apart from the rest.

Why do tank refills come in a syringe?

The Syringe is for the patient who already has a cartridge and would simply need a refill. The Syringe comes with a tube applicator for easier dispensing of the oil with almost no loss compared to jars or other containers. The Tube applicator becomes especially convenient when refilling “Vapor or Hookah Tanks.”

What is “Vaping”?

In this context, it is when someone inhales “water vapor” most commonly through a “Vaporizer”, “Vape Pen”, “Hookah Pen”, “Electronic Cigarette”, etc. Vaping is intended for current adult smokers , that wish to continue enjoying their nicotine habit at a reduced risk. Vaping utilizes a Polypropylene Glycol* or Vegetable Glycerin based liquid, mixed with small amounts of nicotine and food grade flavoring that then get vaporized in a small battery powered atomizer, simulating the experience of smoking. The vapor created is inhaled and exhaled much like cigarette smoke hence the term “VAPING” as opposed to “SMOKING”.

Is Vaping the Oil the only way it can be used?

Many patients prefer to vape the oil in their Vape Pens and Hookah Oil Pens, however there is a number of patients that use a little THC Oil to top-off their Pre-Rolls, or when smoking Cannabis, to top-off their medicine. There are many ways you can use the THC Oils, send us YOUR pictures and tell us YOUR favorite ways of medicating!