Eureka Vapor Cartridge Review


By Kristin Kloc – Dec 8, 2015

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Holding a solid position within the premium cannabis vape cartridge market, Eureka Vapor has earned respect for the quality, great tasting cannabis concentrate cartridges that they produce. Eureka Vapor originally caught my attention because they meet my three main criteria for a quality cartridge:

  • CO2 extraction
  • No propylene glycol (used to thin out a concentrate and has an inconclusive safety rating)
  • Strain-specific cartridges

For the purposes of this review, I selected the 0.5 gram Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain cartridge by Eureka Vapor.

Girl Scout Cookies was crossed from the infamous pure-sativalandrace strain, Durban Poison, and the genetically mysterious OG Kush. While the arguably unknown genetics of OG Kush often leave it categorized as a hybrid strain, the description of it’s effects often include indica-like body sensations. The effects of Durban Poison usually translate more cerebrally, with uplifting and energizing mental stimulation.

While Girl Scout Cookies has become well known as the go-to strain for popular rap icons like 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa, it’s potency may not be best suited for novice consumers. The power of the Cookies is however well-suited for patients and recreational consumers who seek long-lasting relief from pain, nausea, stress and anxiety, but still need to go about their day with normal functionality. Because Girl Scout Cookies often tests high in THC, it is also a great strain to combat appetite loss. Additionally, GSC’s high THC content may benefit patients with acute symptoms or users with high tolerances.

Although the Eureka Vapor cartridge packaging reminds me of something I saw once in the 80’s, the package construction itself is solid. So solid, in fact, that I felt comfortable tossing it in the back seat on my way home from Korea Town Collective. The concentrate in Eureka Vapor’s GSC cartridge is as thick as molasses and a beautiful, dark yet transparent amber color. These cartridges come in .5 gram, 1 gram and 1.5 gram cartridges. I prefer the half gram options. This Eureka Vapor cartridge is compatible with any 510-threaded vape pen that you may have laying around, whereas the larger cartridges seem to need a little more power to get a decent rip. Due to the thickness of this concentrate, consider your hardware when buying the larger size.

GSC is usually classified as a hybrid, but Eureka has labeled it as an indica. A Eureka Vapor representative shared the reasoning behind listing their Girl Scout Cookies vape cartridge as an indica:

“Our Girl Scout cookie strain is on the heavier indica side due to our original OG Kush being so dominant with Grand Daddy Purple, we felt it lead us to gravitate more to the indica strain. “


After connecting the GSC cartridge to my Bhang pen, I went out on the porch to enjoy a few evening tokes. I’m not sure if it was the smoke in the air from the various wildfires in SoCal or if people were using their fireplaces on that chilly night, but the taste and smell of the vapor brought me back to campfires and s’mores. It has the sweetness that many users may associate with Girl Scout Cookies, but perhaps even more so. It has an earthy, woody flavor that makes you forget that you’re vaping a cartridge, which is a testament to both the strain and the manufacturing of this cartridge. In other words, it does the strain justice. The vapor did not taste burnt nor synthetic and I experienced absolutely no irritation.

Even though I started to feel the initial effects within minutes after taking my first hit off the vape, the full effects built up gradually. The tension headache that had been irritating me for hours subsided and I was able to enjoy my Saturday night while being coherent enough to experience it. At it’s peak, the cerebral stimulation of this GSC faded into mental relaxation and left me feeling lighter with floaty, tingling body sensations. I see why Eureka Vapor labels their GSC as an indica.

One detail that might make consumption difficult for some users is the amount of effort needed to take a hit. You really need to suck! After some initial large hits, I continued taking smaller puffs for about an hour, hoping that the prolonged heat would help with the drag. Eventually, my face started feeling tired and it had nothing to do with the effects of the Girl Scout Cookies. I tried switching it to a larger, variable voltage pen and still experienced a lot of resistance. More experienced vape users may not have this minor problem.

The flip side is this cartridge lasts a long time. Between a few friends, we were able to pass the Eureka Vapor CSC cartridge around a rotation while watching TV and chatting. At the end of the night, it appeared as though it was a brand new cartridge. We definitely put it through its paces and were sufficiently medicated, yet it looked almost full. For that reason, this is one of the best vape cartridges I’ve experienced in terms of value.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this cartridge, especially for those who are looking for great value without sacrificing quality or purity. The folks at Eureka have clearly paid attention to the strength and quality of their product and I’ll definitely be repurchasing.

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